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Whatever your situation is, we have the dental aligner or dental brace option to give you the best teeth straightening results. At Aesthetika Dental Studio in Kingston, our priority is to get the smile you are after.

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Invisalign aligners bring together the latest technologies in aligning your teeth.

Clear Aligners – Advanced technology incorporating ‘clear aligners’
Discreet – The ‘clear aligners’ really are discreet!
Adult & Teens – Suitable for all age groups but the main choice for adult teeth straightening
Removable – Take them out when eating, flossing, brushing your teeth or on a night out
Custom made – Each of the different aligners are made for you and your teeth
Comfortable – Aesthetically pleasing and no wires to get in the way

Aesthetika Dental Studio is a recognised invisalign provider.


Fastbraces® is a revolutionary orthodontic system – providing an affordable, fast and safe treatment option for moderate to severe orthodontic issues.

• Fixed Brace – Technology
• Fast – Teeth straightening in months not years
• Simple – In most cases dental extractions are not required
• Clean – shorter treatment means less decay around the dental brackets
• Clear – Tooth ceramic brackets making them very discreet
• Children & Teens – Perfect braces for Children and Teens

Aesthetika Dental Studio has a ‘Senior Master Provider’ status for FastBraces.


Fixed Braces

Fixed Braces

Fixed Braces still remain one of the best options due to the accuracy of results seen at the end of treatment

• Fastbrace  Technology  

• Fixed – Non-removable effect teeth straightening 

• Versatile – Able to close gaps, correct teeth that are rotated or twisted, corrects overcrowded teeth
• Continuous – As they are non-removable… they work 24/7 to help straighten your teeth
• Precise – Dentist can more accurately preposition the teeth
• Modern – Go for the traditional metal look or tooth coloured
• Children & Teens – Perfect braces for Children and Teens

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is used to treat minor orthodontic issues, including twisted, misaligned or crowded teeth

• Front Teeth – Designed to straighten front teeth
• Fast – In most cases treatment is complete in 8-18 weeks
• Removable – Take them out to eat, brush teeth or when socialising
• One aligner – Only one Inman Aligner is needed for the entire treatment
• Cost Effective – As only one aligners is needed!

Inman Aligner

If You Are Looking for a More Discreet Way to Straighten Your Teeth, Take a Look at


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Dr. Chris

GDC Number: 84419

  • Dental Phobia Certified dentist.
  • Experience in advanced orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry techniques.
  • Dr Chris loves to see patients leave Aesthetika Dental Studio with a big smile on their face, knowing that they have enjoyed their visit.
  • He is very caring and has a great talent for putting patients at ease during consultations and treatment in the chair.
  • His ultimate outcome is for a patient to be happy and confident in their smile.
  • Completed courses at the renowned Eastman Dental Institute of London in Aesthetic, Restorative and Preventative Dentistry.

Dr. George

GDC Number: 83117

  • Vast experience in Orthodontics (Fastbraces, Invisalign® Clear Aligners and Inman Aligners).
  • A Dental Implant Specialist.
  • Strives for excellence in patient care and service.
  • A perfectionist and takes extreme pride in his dental work, customer care and ethics.
  • Dr George is an award winning dentist.
  • 2007 : won the Best Dental Team in the South East of England Award by Dentistry Magazine.
    2008: shortlisted for Best Young Dentist in the South East by Dentistry Magazine.
  • Member of BACD (British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry).

13 Penrhyn Road,
Kingston Upon Thames,
Surrey, KT1 2BZ

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